Post-Sandy Internet Efforts

Continuing my meager efforts to do something in an area so reeling from Hurricane Sandy, a few links to awesome efforts being driven by good people via this magical Interweb:

– Superstorm Sandy Crisis Map: Collaborative map from the Google Crisis Team. Search for a location and get information on gas stations, food stores and pharmacy, and repair work and traffic delays for an area. Even if your area is okay, good to bookmark so you can help out friends without internet access. 

Hurricane Sandy Relief Volunteer Opportunities: New York City-centric map of volunteer opportunities. Organizations can call for volunteers on the map, and you can find a place to help near you. Does anyone know of similar listings for other areas? Would love to see for NJ. I know a lot of people have been trying to help, and have been frustrated by areas already over-staffed with volunteers, or haven’t been able to get to areas in need.

– Occupy Sandy, a grassroots relief effort in New York City, has launched an Amazon wedding registry. You buy items off their registry and it gets shipped to their headquarters in NYC, where it gets sent to people in need. Go for pick money and get a generator, or dozens of blankets. Awesome route if you’ve got Amazon Prime with free shipping, and if you’re far away and want to make a donation. I think a lot of us find it more satisfying to donate a thing and not just money, so consider this option. Make sure to spring for the fastest shipping you can, so they get these good ASAP.

Any other awesome resources to help link people in need with people who can help? The web is an amazing place, and it’s wonderful to see its powers harnessed for good in such a trying time.

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