The PATH to nowhere

This started as a series of tweets and clearly got out of hand. I don’t even ride the JSQ-33rd line impacted the last three days (except weekends, when there IS no other option!). Written via smartphone on my NJT connection so please excuse formatting.

UPDATED at 9:44am to fix some formatting and add links.

PATH’s job after the fire is to assess damage & recovery time, communicate that to us, & then do it. If line needs to be shut down for repairs, that’s tough. But people need notice. If they knew night before, they can rearrange child care, try to work from home, maybe carpool, AT LEAST know to leave early for an alternate route. Last minute changes have costs in our time and money, and can be serious issues for people trying to get kids to school or get to their jobs. Last minute decisions that go out by TWITTER and not the email and text alerts regular riders rely on and sign up for creates a situation where we have no faith in this system: they are not safe, clean, or reliable, and they let us fend for ourselves. It’s not just PATH failing at communications. Riders on Twitter said they’ve had trouble boarding both NJTransit buses and trains, even though NJTranist is supposed to be cross honoring on all modes. My favorite is the rider who showed a customer service agent yet NJT tweet on cross honoring and was told they didn’t know NJT had a twitter and it might not be official. This is what thousands of commuters in the NY metro area have to deal with.

And, of course, a PATH fare increase next week.

Riders aren’t blaming PATH for the tunnel fire (but we do need more info on what happened and what’s being done to prevent it again!). But when a fire can cripple transit and no real solutions or information are offered, this is a major failure to keep our area working.

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